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Route Available, Still in Vama Veche

I’m still hanging out in Vama Veche, planning to continue cycling around Wednesday next week. It’s getting more busy here now on the weekend but still, a very relaxed place. I like it here :)

As I’m not really made to lie on the beach doing nothing for more that 2 or 3 days in a row I picked up the laptop and started coding a jekyll plugin for processing and aggregating my gps tracks recorded during cycling. You can see the result on the new Route & Maps page.

I’m not quite there yet, apart from the overview track which does not have all the detail I was going to publish the individual segments in higher resolution but I need to update my octopress setup to get a more recent jekyll version for that first and pagination in the latest octopress seems to be broken… I’ll get back to that another time.

Here’s my “office” where I do stuff like this :)