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Final Stop in Zambia: Lake Kariba

I’m back on the road for 3 days and today should be my last day in Zambia, I’m right next to the border and will cross into Zimbabwe tomorrow.

Yes, that means I have changed my mind about the route for the rest of the trip once again. As I have just spent time in Namibia I did not want to return to places I’ve just been to so I went south directly towards Zimbabwe just making a small detour now to visit Lake Kariba.

Tent and bike at lake shore I’m camping right on the lake shore at a really nice place.

croc warning sign Swimming is not advisable here (although not all of the local children seem to be agree).

hippo warning sign I have not actually seen a crocodile here but there’s definitely hippos.

hippo behind table This guy woke me up roaming around my tent in the morning.

Hippo houses And he is going to eat us all!!!