cycling africa

Tanzania, Bukoba

I’ve arrived in Tanzania yesterday and in Bukoba on the shore of Lake Victoria today.

The border crossing in Mutukula went really smooth, I did not even have to fill out forms like all the previous times I’ve been here. Maybe it’s a good idea to come on a Sunday. And it definitely helped to be on a bicycle, all the immigration officers were very helpful and interested in my travel plans.

Hoima, Updated Plan

I’ve arrived well in Hoima yesterday.

As I had some time (and pretty good mobile internet) today I’ve reorganized the map pages a bit. There are now 2 maps in the Route & Map section, displaying the African and European part of the routes I have cycled so far.

Then I’ve moved the planned route so a separate page and added some explanation on how the plan evolved.

Busunju, Kiboga

I have completed the first two days of cycling in Uganda. The first day was from Kampala to Busunju, today I went to Kiboga. I hope to be in Hoima tomorrow.


I’ve arrived in Kampala, the capital of Uganda on Tuesday night. So I’m finally on the continent I was planning to cycle in the first place.


I’m back from India and on a short stopover in Istanbul again. Just picking up the bike I had stored here, will fly to Uganda tomorrow finally arriving at the continent I was intending to cycle in the first place.

I really enjoyed the time in India but as this was primarily to spend time with a special someone we did not actually do too much sightseeing or anything.

Istanbul, Detour to India

I’m still in Istanbul but will leave on Thursday. My next destination might come as a bit of a surprise as it’s a tiny, little bit ;) off my original route: I’ll fly to Bangalore, India. But then again, at least those of you who know me personally should know that I have a really good reason to want to be there. I’ll stay there for 3 weeks and then take another plane to get back on my planned route and continue cycling in East Africa.

Here’s some impressions from Istanbul:

Leaving Europe

I’m in Gelibolu, right at the Dardanelles which I will cross with a ferry tomorrow thereby switching continents from Europe to Asia. While of course Africa is still my main destination I’m happy about having covered all the way out of Europe by bicycle (3400km) cheating only once (the 80km train ride to Constanta).

Arriving in Turkey

I’m a bit behind describing the places I visited in Bulgaria (still have a bunch of pictures to publish) but today I already arrived in Turkey, am staying in Edirne tonight.