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Maruku Beach

While there’s a nice beach directly in Bukoba there are other ones in the surrounding area. Last Sunday we went to visit Maruku beach.

Baraka, Hill Baraka, my Swahili teacher on his first cycling trip. He struggled a bit but it was not exactly an easy route either. It’s up and down hills all the time and parts of the road are not in great shape.

Approaching Maruku Beach After about 25km the beach is in sight.

Beach left The sand is almost white in color.

Beach, Boat, Hut The location is a bit remote. We can see some fishermen at the other end maybe a kilometer away but apart from that nobody is here.

Bird on post

Birds … except for lots of birds of course.

Hut, Bikes

Bukoba behind hill Heading back, up on the first hill you can almost see Bukoba in the distance.

On the way back we are invited by the village chairman (who happens to be Baraka’s landlord also). There’s papaya fresh from the tree in his garden – one of the best I ever had.